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Look your best

Getting ready for a special occasion can’t be hurried. Everything must be right; every item a carefully placed note in a symphony of style. The finishing touch is your new ASX. After all, one should never simply turn up. Far better to make an entrance. When you do, heads will turn. Doors will be held open. The night is yours.



The best views

Watch the countryside or the cityscape glide overhead through the panoramic roof on ASX VRX. You can open or close the electronic blind easily. There’s even mood lighting for evening drives.

Safe lights, smart look

All models of ASX now feature LED daytime running lights for increased visibility and safety. They also create a sophisticated impression on the road and highlight ASX’s sharp styling at the front end.

The best seats

For a feeling of absolute luxury, ASX VRX offers leather seats. They’re also ergonomically designed, so they hold you softly, yet firmly around any corner or over any surface.


Everything at your finger tips

Whether you’re on Android or iPhone, the Smartphone Link Display Audio System makes total connectivity effortless. Simply plug your phone in and use voice commands to activate music, send messages, make phone calls and access maps from your phone.

An ASX to suit your lifestyle

Choose the engine and driveline to suite your lifestyle. ASX offers two engines options which both provide an excellent balance of driveability and economy to compliment perfectly the 2WD or 4WD ASX you choose.

Genuine parts work, fit and look best

See how only Mitsubishi Genuine Parts are right for your vehicle.


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ASX 4WD Diesel XLS – Trademe




Power and Safety




Big on safety

ASX employs an integrated system of active and passive safety features; the result is a 5-star ANCAP safety rating as tested on 2WD models – and one very safe vehicle.

4WD at the push of a button

When conditions change, your traction system changes with them. On diesel models, just engage 4WD by pressing the conveniently located button. You can even switch into 4WD mode on the move.

Forward Collision Mitigation

To protect from a danger up ahead, lasers and cameras identify upcoming obstructions and warn you of a potential hazard. If the risk remains, this system applies the brakes, bringing you to a complete stop if necessary to mitigate a collision. (VRX models only)


Hill Start Assist (HSA)

If you’re on a steep hill, this system applies the brakes for a few seconds while you move your foot from brake to accelerator, preventing roll back.

Active Stability Control (ASC)

This system maintains your stability and control when cornering. It automatically recognises over or under-steer and applies the brakes to the appropriate wheel to keep you on course.

Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)

This technology reduces stopping distances by detecting passengers or heavier loads and automatically increases rear braking force.


Multi-mode Antilock Brakes (ABS)

This allows you to manoeuvre around objects under heavy braking conditions. The intelligent 4-channel, 4-sensor braking system works in conjunction with the drive mode to monitor different wheel speeds and activate brakes to individual wheels when required to deliver superior control.

Auto High-beam

For added safety and improved visibility, VRX monitors the headlamps and tail lights of other vehicles around you and dims your headlights automatically. Once the vehicle has passed, your high-beam will switch on again.

*VRX only

Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning in ASX VRX is a very beneficial safety system. The vehicle monitors the roads markings and should you unintentionally leave your lane, sounds an alarm to notify you. This feature is ideal for highways and long drives.

*VRX only



In touch with what’s going on

Every model ASX features Smartphone Link Display Audio, which operates on either Android or iPhone. Simply plug your phone in and use voice command to play music, send messages, make phone calls and access maps and other apps from your phone. It’s total connectivity made simple.

See the new technology onboard ASX XLS


One Touch Start

Combined with the Keyless Operation system, One Touch Start on VRX lets you start driving without ever taking the keys from your pocket.

Tilt & Telescopic Steering Column & Electronic Power Steering

Find your perfect steering wheel position, thanks to the Tilt & Telescopic Steering Column. The Power Steering system makes cornering effortless. It’s light and easy at low speeds, becoming more solid as you accelerate for a controlled driving experience.

The best seats

All ASX models feature ergonomically-designed, extremely comfortable seats. VRX seats are leather, while the seats on XLS feature new sports trim, very smart and durable.