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Looking good and ready to go out.

New Mirage is truly looking its best. Sharp new styling and smart features make it a very attractive little car.


The petite frame of the Mirage hides a spacious interior. Whether you’re fitting in extra friends or extra cargo, you’ll be nice and comfortable.


RISE construction and a combination of active and passive safety systems keep you as safe as a baby.


Light construction and a smooth, aerodynamic design give Mirage its unprecedented fuel economy.

All the extras

Unlike your mum’s old Mirage, this one comes with all the toys.

Fuel Economy

Breakthrough lightweight high tensile steel construction gives Mirage an incredible fuel consumption of just 5.01L/100km.

With low emissions of only 116g/km it’s great for the environment as well as your pocket.


The MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve Timing Electric Control) engine draws air smoothly into its cylinders in a way that minimises loss of energy.

And, while small, it packs a respectable punch, with maximum power of 58kW and maximum torque of 102Nm. Not bad.


Running the engine at the most efficient rpms is the key to excellent fuel economy. It gives you a smooth and agile driving feel in all road conditions.

INVECS-III automatically selects gear ratios in response to driving conditions, resulting in delightfully smooth acceleration.

RISE Construction

The strengthened RISE body structure keeps all the car’s occupants safe, by effectively absorbing and dispersing crash energy from all directions.

Turning Circle

Electronic Power Steering gives Mirage a petite turning circle of just 9.2m. This means you’ll find it pleasantly easy to maneuver in car parks and on narrow city streets.


Seatbelt Pretensioner

Operating in tandem with airbags, seatbelts in the front will instantly contract when they receive an inflation signal, cleverly minimizing impact in frontal collisions.


ASC maintains stability and control when cornering, by recognizing under-steer and over-steer. It then applies brake force to the appropriate wheels to keep you in contro

Hill Start Assist

The days of learning to do hill starts in your first Mirage are history with the introduction of Hill Start Assist. This clever function makes it easier to start off on a steep slope by maintaining the brake force, while you move your foot to the accelerator.


EBD reduces stopping distances by detecting passengers or heavier loads and automatically increasing rear brake force accordingly.

  • A) Driver only with EBD
  • B) With passengers and cargo with EBD
  • C) With passengers and cargo without EBD


This system allows you to maneuver around objects under heavy braking conditions. It also prevents your wheels locking up, stopping you from slipping if you need to brake suddenly.


Every Mirage is fitted with driver, passenger, side and curtain airbags as standard. This protection lowers collision impact from all directions, greatly reducing injury.


Most cars would end there, but Mirage has one more trick up its sleeve to keep you safe. If you unintentionally hit your accelerator pedal as well as your brake in an emergency situation, the new SmartBrake system spots the error, cancels out the message from the gas pedal, and puts full concentration on your braking.


Despite its trim size, Mirage happily seats five adults with plenty of legroom and headroom. The driver’s seat is height adjustable, and both front seats have slide and tilt functions for pure comfort. Now, they also proudly wear smart new seat trim.


The modern two-toned interior sets the new Mirage firmly in the present. Each piece of the dashboard is distinguished by a clean and simple elegance, resulting in a remarkable sense of openness and visibility.

Integrated Audio & Air Conditioning

It’s easy to control the stereo and air conditioning with the well laid out centre console finished in classy piano black.



The clever 60:40 split-fold seating design gives you multiple configuration options and adaptable cargo space – versatility previously unheard of in a small car.


Nifty storage spaces throughout help you tuck away items for safety and convenience.


The new front-end design allows the driver to see both corners of the engine hood, making it easy to judge the position of the car. The placement of the front pillar and a low belt line offer a wide field of vision for greater safety and more confident driving, especially in the city.

All-new Mirage

35 years in the making

The Mirage first arrived on the scene in the seventies, and boy has she aged well.

Completely redesigned, today’s Mirage has styling smoother than Patrick Swayze and comes in your choice of seven jaw-dropping colours. And its rear end has been given such a lift it’s patented.

With enviable fuel economy, she’ll never fail to get you to the party. Even if that means driving all the way back to 1985.


Over 51,000 Mirages have been built and sold in New Zealand, and they’ve been driving us around since 1978. Now, the all-new Mirage is here and it’s time to do it all again. 

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